FOERSTER France SAS is a subsidiary of FOERSTER Holding GmbH.

FOERSTER France distributes testing and measuring equipment for non-destructive materials testing by means of eddy current, leakage flux, magnetic induction, thermography and ultrasound technologies and for detection and magnetic field measurement.

FOERSTER France has solutions for complex and diverse applications such as the detection of cracks on semi-finished products and automotive and aeronautical components, the material sorting, the determination of metallurgical properties, the detection of objects, etc.


FOERSTER France offers:

  • the sales of all FOERSTER products for non destructive testing
  • Instruments for the determination of electromagnetic material properties 
  • Metal detectors and magnetometers for landmine and ordnance (UXO) detection, geophysical and archaeological Survey
  • the after-sales service
  • the feasibility studies

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Parc Work Center – Bat. A
8, Route des Bois
38500 Voiron

t +33 4 76 05 57 01
f +33 4 76 05 32 59

contact person: Michel Nouguier

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