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NDT Engineering & Aerospace Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company for nondestructive testing system, aviation & automobile parts, eco-friendly energy systems and LSAW pipe facilities. With many years of experience and know-how, we have achieved high customer’s satisfaction by offering the best product and service.

Non-destructive testing business group provides the best solution that fulfils productivity, quality and safety requirements for your products. We design, manufacture and supervise non-destructive inspection devices in the field of ultrasonic test [UT], eddy current test [ET], radiographic test [RT] and magnetic particle test [MT] and offer specialized solutions for your application in the metal industry, automobile, aerospace, etc. We also provide complete solutions for factory automation systems and handling mechanisms.

Aviation & automobile business group produces various parts related aviation and automobile industry and utilizes an advanced CAD/CAM technology.

Eco-friendly energy business group produces waste management system such as industrial waste burner & boiler with steam generator and industrial dryer system. We also produce energy control device regarding capacitor charging & discharging unit, solar & wind mill power amplifier and PTC carbon heating film.

We established a consortium, SKM (South Korean Machinery), with competitive partner to offer the best solution for LSAW pipe industry.


NDT ENGINEERING & AEROSPACE CO., LTD. offers the best solutions for the follwoing industries.

  • NDT System
  • Aviation & Automobile
  • Eco Friendly Energy
  • LSAW Pipe Facilities

Should you be interested in further products please contact us via email / the contact form. We will provide you with the necessary information.



11, Jayumuyeok 4-gil,
Masanhoewon-gu, Changwon-si,
Gyeongnam, 51343, Korea

t +82 55 264 9200
f +82 55 264 9203


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