Our business is trading military equipment, disaster rescue equipment and metal detection & magnetics such as barbed wires, razor blade wires with setup parts, engineering equipment sets, field lighting sets, 6,000 liter tanks, lensatic compasses, traffic barriers, mobile water purification system, Foerster mine detectors etc.

Year of Foundation: 1999



Sun&Son Development (1999) Co.,Ltd. offers the following products.

  • Military equipment
  • Disaster rescue equipment
  • Metal detection & magnetics

Should you be interested in further FOERSTER products please contact us via email / the contact form. We will provide you with the necessary information.  


Sun&Sun Development (1999) Co.,Ltd.

146 Phitsanulok Rd., Suanjitlada,
Dusit Bangkok 10300

t +66 2629 9977
m +66 81845 3535
f +66 2629 9970


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NDT Instruments is a FOERSTER subsidiary established in 1993 with the mission to identify, source and supply quality products and after-sales maintenance, repair calibration services to our customers in the field of Non - Destructive Testing (NDT) and Quality Assurance & Control (QA/QC). Since it started its operations 21 years ago, our customers are discerning buyers who demand value in the form of quality at a competitive price. 

We are committed to be the leading supplier in the ASEAN region to provide the most reliable yet cost effective inspection, quality assurance and control related equipment and solutions to our highly value customers. 


NDT Instruments Pte Ltd offers the following products:

  • Eddy Current Equipment & In-line Systems
  • Ultrasonic Equipment & Systems
  • Magnetic Particle / Penetrant Inspection Equipment & Systems
  • Radiography  Equipment & Systems
  • Thermography Systems
  • Visual Inspection tools and 3D scanners
  • Instruments for the determination of electromagnetic material properties 


NDT Instruments Pte Ltd

50 Ubi Avenue 3
#05-20 Frontier Building
Singapore 408866

t (65) 6571 0668
f (65) 6571 0669


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