FOERSTER RUSSLAND AO was founded in 2008 and is exclusive distributor of Hoerster Holding GmbH in Russian Federation and CIS.

FOERSTER RUSSLAND AO distributes testing equipment for non-destructive materials testing by means of eddy current, magnetic flux leakage and ultrasonic technology. Also FOERSTER RUSSLAND AO distributes devises for measuring magnetic fields and detection of metals.

Another activity is the after-sales service for FOERSTER Equipment.


 Field of activities of FOERSTER RUSSLAND AO:

  • Wholesale supplies of equipment for non-destructive testing and detection of metals;
  • Wholesale supplies spare parts and accessories;
  • To rendering of services in translation of documentation and software into Russian, adjustment, commissioning, repair and verification of the delivered equipment.


Should you be interested in further FOERSTER products please contact us via email / the contact form. We will provide you with the necessary Information.


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ul. B. Pod’yacheskaya, 9
190068 St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

t +7 812 318-7101